WAR DRUMS: Despite talks of Diplomacy Russia Sends Destroyer Smetlivy to Syria

Russia Sends Destroyer Smetlivy to Syria
TEHRAN – Russia has dispatched another warship to Syria, the Navy’s spokesperson announced. The guard-ship Smetlivy of the Black Sea Fleet is sailing from its home port in Sevastopol to patrol the waters off the Syrian coast, Voice of Russia reported. The guided missile destroyer is to set sail between September 12 and 14. The spokesman said the warship would not drop at Novorossiysk and would head directly to the Mediterranean. Russia previously sent three ships to the Eastern Mediterranean to bolster its fleet there. These include the Moskva missile cruiser, which is due in the Syrian coastal waters on September 17, as well as the corvette Shtil and missile boat Ivanovets that will approach Syria by September 29. The Priazovye reconnaissance ship has also reportedly boosted the group of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet ships in the Eastern Mediterranean. On Friday, the intelligence ship passed through the Dardanella Strait accompanied by two landing ships, Minsk and Novocherkassk, and joined the Mediterranean armada. Fars News Agency
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