Wanna Take a Ride? Midnight In The Desert With Host Art Bell

Art Bell “The King of Alternative and Late Night Talk is Back”!

We are so excited. The official forum for the New Show Midnight In The Desert and All things Art Bell can be found here BellGab.com  As well a co-host or pitch hitter called (REDACTED) from BellGab seems to be along for the ride.

Midnight In The Desert With Art Bell
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“Wanna Take a Ride?”

Last Tuesday Bell participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything. Although most of the questions were about past interviews and other paranormal topics, he did field some about his new show, and radio in general.

Responding to a question about what inspired him to get into radio, Bell said that he got started with ham radio at age 12, and was on commercial broadcast by 13.

First radio job, small FM on top of a mountain in Franklin, NJ. Religious FM. Read the news every hour. Station manager didn’t like people too close to the mic. So he’d come in and yank the chair out from under you while live on the air!

And, certainly to the delight of his fans, Bell also made clear his opinion on the condition of his old show Coast to Coast AM. “I think the current host of that show does it a disservice,” he said. “The current state of that program is the genesis for Midnight in the Desert. HaTTiP

KXL Marks Return of Art Bell to Late Night Airwaves

Art Bell will be making his triumphant return to the airwaves beginning on Monday, July 20th. Alpha Media Portland announced that Bell’s new show, “Midnight In The Desert” will run on weeknights from 10pm to 1am onFM NEWS 101 KXL. 

Art Bell founded and hosted the paranormal-themed radio program, “Coast To Coast AM” for more than 20 years. Bell had decided to semi-retire from “Coast To Coast AM” in 2003, but would occasionally serve as a guest host on the weekends for the following 4 years. In 2007 Bell chose to officially retire from weekend hosting. His newest show, “Midnight In The Desert” will be available online and on air through Dark Matter Digital Network.

“We’re thrilled to be amping up our paranormal broadcast activity with the addition of Art Bell following Clyde Lewis’ Ground Zero,” stated Alpha Media Executive VP of Programming, Scott Mahalick. “It’s a home run for Alpha Media to have the two biggest talents anchored on FM NEWS 101 KXL.”

Photo via Art Bell Facebook page
Photo via Art Bell Facebook page


As well a shout out and a warm Welcome back C Crane Company! They are back on the roster of advertisers with Art. Just like old times.

From ArtBell.com: Art is returning to broadcasting on the Internet on July 20th on the Dark Matter Digital Network.

The show is now called “Midnight in the Desert” and will broadcast LIVE from 9pm to Midnight Pacific, Midnight to 3am Eastern for FREE, Monday thru Friday.

You can listen via a link on this website, or use an app on your smartphone or tablet. Currently you can listen via the TuneIn Radio app. Install TuneIn Radio from your App store and search for Dark Matter Digital Network and you’ll be listening to the current schedule of shows.

On-demand archives for Art’s show will be available under the subscription membership service.

Back to some good old fashioned talk radio on a 100% digital network (all internet based)

In the US the number is 1 – 952-CALL ART, (952-225-5278), in London 203-807-0703, yes, London!

North America Skype:  mitd51
Overseas Skype:  mitd55

As well from ArtBell.com

Artbell.com will not be directly hosting forums or a chat room. It takes a lot of time to operate, moderate and manage. So we will list a couple that we feel are able to handle the numbers of listeners who may want to join in discussions with fellow listeners.

Unmoderated Forum:  BellGab.com

Moderated Forum: MidnightDesert.com

You can decide which one you prefer, but be advised, Art and Keith do not have any control of either of these forum sites. Pursue at your own risk!

well there you have it folks, we are over the moon to have Art Back and on a free streaming service!

“The King of Alternative and Late Night Talk is Back”!

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