Waning vaccine efficacy in the UK (from the experimental Covid treatments). Data breakdown with Dr. Campbell

Beijing, 70 cases since Friday Three P.C.R. tests over five days zero Covid strategy https://assets.publishing.service.gov…

Effectiveness against symptomatic disease After 2 doses of the AstraZeneca Against the Omicron variant Starts at 45 to 50% Drops to almost no effect, 25 weeks after the second dose With 2 doses of Pfizer or Moderna Effectiveness dropped from around 65 to 70% Down to around 15% by 25 weeks after the second dose Two to 4 weeks after a booster dose

Effectiveness ranges from around 60 to 75% Dropping to almost no effect from 20+ weeks after the booster Effectiveness against hospitalisation

Alpha and Delta variants Higher levels of protection against hospitalisation with all vaccines

Omicron 18 to 64 year olds All COVID-19 cases admitted via emergency care VE after a booster peaked at 82.4% Dropped to 53.6% by 15+ weeks after the booster

Needed oxygen/ventilated VE 97.1% down to 75.9% Also Omicron generally causes milder disease, in particular among younger individuals

All individuals who are hospitalised are tested for COVID-19 An increasing proportion of individuals hospitalised with a positive COVID- 19 test are likely to have COVID-19 as an incidental finding rather than the primary reason for admission.

All 3 vaccines give similar protection against hospitalisation Effectiveness against mortality Alpha and Delta Over 90% protection against mortality with all 3 vaccines

Vaccine effectiveness against mortality with Omicron At 25-plus weeks following the second dose, vaccine effectiveness was around 60%


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