Voddie Baucham & Scott Kluesendorf on ‘Should we publicly display pictures of aborted babies?’

It is now available on YouTube. There is a great deal of experience on this panel.

AN ART EXHIBIT: Body Parts in a Deli Meat Display Case.
AN ART EXHIBIT: Body Parts in a Deli Meat Display Case.

Abortion is never a nice topic, this Christ based discussion panel is sane in it’s approach and handling of this issue of the truthful and open use of abortion images in public lectures, not unlike in lectures covering  deaths due to war, holocaust, genocide, execution, Public Health Education  etc.  One panel speaker explains it like this, No one would be shocked to go to a lecture about The Vietnam War and not see pictures of naked children running away on fire from a Napalm bomb.

Some people can really use this truth as it can revamp their moral engines, as a natural response to evil. Soften some hearts and bring some godly repentance.

With so much fake Hollywood murder, American Horror films full of monsters, blood and gore, Christians using visual aids in presenting the truth and facts this should be a moot point.


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