Viral #WalkAway Movement Is Panicking Democrats Who Are Now Screaming ‘Russian Bots’

Using two websites, created after the 2016 election, one by a group of NeverTrumpers and another by a liberal Hillary Clinton supporter who has an extreme hatred and bias against anything “Russia” related, Arc Digital Media declared the #WalkAway movement was a “deceptive propaganda campaign,” being pushed by Pro-Trump and Russian-linked Twitter accounts. That determination is made by citing the NeverTrump/anti-Russia site Hamilton 68 and another supposed bot tracking site Bot Sentinel.

It is time to walk away from the Democratic party’s ideology. The democratic philosophy is filled with hate and fear mongering. They have no message. Actually, they never had a message. They only use the government to control people and to keep their People in power. All of the fake politicians use their position to make themselves rich and keep you weak and needing their philosophy. I tell you this, I will never accept their lies again. Period.

— Brandon Tatum
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