VIDEO: Violent Riots Erupt in Belfast


Protests in Northern Ireland turn violent, as Irish nationalists burn cars and hurl petrol bombs.
Police fire plastic bullets and use water cannon to control the crowds in Roman Catholic areas of West Belfast.
At least 22 police officers received non life-threatening injuries during the clashes.
The riots come on the eve of annual marches by pro-British Protestants on July 12th.
Tens of thousands of Protestants were due to take part in marches on Tuesday to mark the 1690 victory of King William of Orange over Catholic King James at the Battle of the Boyne, which helped ensure Protestant supremacy in Ireland.
Many Catholics regard the marches as provocative, and violent protests often erupt as they pass Catholic suburbs.
A 1998 peace agreement paved the way for a power-sharing government of loyalists and nationalists.
As a result, the violence has generally subsided in recent years, but small dissident armed groups remain active in the province.
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