VIDEO: Third Oil Spill in China Since Early June

A new oil spill in China on July 12th. It happened at a drilling site in Bohai Bay, off the country’s northeastern coast.

According to the company, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, a leak spread crude oil over a small area. Production has now been halted, and there are plans to soak up and chemically disperse the slick. The control issue itself has reportedly been repaired; but the oil is still leaking. China’s largest offshore producer has now had three spill incidents in Bohai since June. A serious leak on June 4th has now polluted 300 square miles. That leak was not made public for three weeks–leading to public outrage. Another platform developed a leak on June 17th.

The continuing trickle and slow cleanup at both wells has prompted Chinese authorities to demand a halt to crude drilling and production.

Part of the drilling projects are run by the American company ConocoPhillips.
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