Video Showing Miami Beach Cops Pointing Gun At Man For Recording Them



The highly anticipated video that shows Miami Beach police pointing a gun at a man who had just recorded them shooting another man has been posted on Youtube.

And it confirms what we’ve already reported.That police were ready to kill a man for recording them on Memorial Day.

Here is the back story.

Here is a story I just posted on Miami Beach 411.

UPDATE: A local TV news station is now reporting that police also confiscated one of their cameras on the morning of the shooting.

This little detail was revealed in the last sentence of this morning’s Local 10 story on the above video.

Miami Beach police would not comment on Benoit’s video.

Police also have not said why officers confiscated a Local 10 camera on the same morning.

The real question is not why police would confiscate the camera. We already know why. They are trying their best to control the flow of information. That much is obvious.

The real question is why did a Local 10 videographer allow his or her camera to be confiscated?

The real question is why isn’t Local 10 making more of an issue over this?

Doesn’t Local 10 know that police need a subpoena before they can confiscate a camera if it was not used in the commission of a crime?

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