VIDEO REPORT: UK Politicians Visit Riot Sites



British Prime Minister David Cameron arrives in Manchester to survey the damage from riots that swept England this week.

Meeting the city’s fire-fighters, Cameron praised the work of the emergency services.

[David Cameron, British Prime Minister]:
“Let me pay tribute on behalf of the whole country to the bravery that police officers have shown up and down this country. They are a thin blue line, they work on our behalf, they put themselves at risk and we should thank them and praise them for what they’ve done.”

Meanwhile British Home Secretary Theresa May was in Enfield, visiting what remained of a Sony warehouse.

Arsonists had set the building on fire on Monday night, destroying more than 1.5 million CDs.

It took some 40 fire-fighters to put out the blaze.

The leader of Britain’s opposition party, Ed Miliband, was also on the road, visiting Brixton in south London.

Businesses in the area were hit hard after the riots which broke out on August 6 in north London.

In scenes reminiscent of a science fiction film, police were displaying CCTV images of suspected criminals on big screens in some city centers–including here in Birmingham. - shorten links and earn money!


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