VIDEO REPORT: UK Men Sentenced for Facebook Riot Messages


It’s a Facebook posting they probably regret.
These two UK residents were hoping to instigate scenes like these when they used the social media website to invite locals to riot.
While the looting and violence that rocked London and surrounding areas never materialized in their northern UK towns, Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan are now facing four years in prison.
Phil Thompson is the assistant chief constable of the Cheshire Police:
[Phil Thompson, Assistant Chief Constable Cheshire Police]:
“These men appeared before the court and pleaded guilty to incitement to cause a riot. Their intention was to get a group of people together in Warrington and in Northwich to cause a riot, now imagine if that would have happened, hundreds of thousands of pounds, maybe millions of pounds of damage would have been caused. The fact is that when you get an unruly mob together they generate a momentum of their own.”
Police were alerted to their postings by calls from concerned citizens.
While Thompson says the harsh sentence will act as a deterrent, some civil liberties advocates are calling it excessive.
Even Prime Minister David Cameron is weighing in.
[David Cameron, British Prime Minister]:
“They decided in that court to send a tough sentence, a tough message and I think it is very good that courts feel able to do that. What happened on our streets was absolutely appalling behaviour and to send a very clear message that it is wrong and won’t be tolerated is what our criminal justice system should be doing.”
So far 2,770 people have been arrested in connection with last week’s violence. - shorten links and earn money!


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