VIDEO REPORT: Syrian Tanks Terrorize Hama Residents


Gunfire and explosions ring out across the Syrian city of Hama on Wednesday, as the government assault continues into the third day of Ramadan.


Tanks have been deployed near al-Bahra roundabout, and residents say they also occupied the central Orontes Square after heavy shelling of the city.


That square has seen some of the largest demonstrations against President Bashar al-Assad’s rule during the five month uprising calling for political freedoms.


Human rights campaigners say the assault across Syria has claimed the lives of around 137 in the last three days, including 93 in Hama.


The plight of Hama – where thousands were killed in 1982 when security forces crushed an anti-government uprising – has prompted many Syrians to stage solidarity marches since the start of Ramadan.


But Assad’s tough response suggests he has no intention to heed the call for democratic change. - shorten links and earn money!


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