VIDEO REPORT: Scenes From the End Game in Libya

Scenes from the end game in Libya.
Anti-Gaddafi forces regroup outside of Muammar Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte.
Forces advanced towards the deposed leader’s birthplace but withdraw to their starting position some 100 miles west of the city after coming under fire.
While they refine their skills the resolve remains.
[Anti-Gaddafi Fighter]:
“The Green Book – Gaddafi’s finished with Green Book.”
At the coastal town of Ras Lanuf, forces loyal to Gaddafi attacked the front gate of an oil refinery, killing at least 15 guards and injuring 2 others.
The men were sleeping when the pro-Gaddafi forces attacked the refinery.
Nafae Abdel Karim is a nurse at the Ras Lanuf hospital:
[Nafae Abdel Karim, Nurse, Ras Lanuf Hospital]:
“There was an ambush by the forces of the tyrant on the industrial zone – there was a large number of victims. There are 3 suffering from major injuries, 5 from minor injuries and 15 were killed this morning. And most of the victims are from the rebel fighters that were guarding this area, but the ambush caused this massacre.”
Anti-Gaddafi forces man checkpoints outside Bani Walid.
Inside the town residents reported intense street fighting while NATO warplanes could be heard overhead.

The United Nations says it is worried about the fate of civilians trapped inside besieged pro-Gaddafi towns.

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