VIDEO REPORT: Protesters Denounce U.S. Support in Jordan


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Breaking News

Demonstrators burn a replica of the American flag in Jordan.

Jordan is a key U.S. ally in the region and receives nearly half a billion U.S. dollars in military and economic assistance every year.

Protesters took to the streets in downtown Amman Friday, decrying the pace of change and calling on King Abdullah to dismiss the government and replace it with a unity government.

Nearly 400 people took part in the rally.

[Mohammad Abadi, Activist]:
“We want an end to the policy of dependency. We want to liberate our political will, protect our national assets and to form a salvation government to take us forward. This is a popular protest. It is not being organized by any group, be it Islamist or leftists. This is a popular movement.”

Authorities have allowed scores of anti-government protests, with the Islamist-led opposition calling for moves towards a constitutional monarchy that limits the powers of the throne.


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