VIDEO REPORT: London Police Raids Net More Riot Suspects


Police raids continued in London on Sunday as they arrested suspected looters and seized evidence after last week’s four nights of looting, arson and violence, in which five people were killed.


The Metropolitan Police say they have arrested 1,401 people in connection with the violence and looting around London – 808 people have been charged.


Most of the suspected offenders are unemployed young men but people as diverse as a millionaire’s daughter, a charity worker and a journalism student also took part in the mayhem.


The trouble began in London after police shot dead a black man and refused to give his relatives information about the incident.


It then degenerated into widespread looting and violence in many parts of the capital and other major cities.


British Prime Minister David Cameron, describing the disturbances as purely criminal, has called the initial police response inadequate.


His remarks drew a sharp response from the police service, which is facing deep cuts in numbers as part of a sweeping government austerity drive aimed at slashing public debt.


Britain is divided over what caused the disorder, but many people fear the government’s planned reduction in police numbers would leave the country exposed if similar trouble erupted in future. - shorten links and earn money!


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