VIDEO REPORT: German Police Clear Occupy Camp in Frankfurt

German police began arresting anti-capitalist protesters outside the European Central Bank’s headquarters on Wednesday after they threw paint at officers trying to clear a makeshift Occupy camp.
[Andre Sturmeit, Police Spokesperson]:
“The current situation is that the majority are voluntarily leaving the camp or are being carried out. There’s a small group who are resisting and are using creative measures, as the camp residents describe it. But that’s where the fun ends because once they throw white paint over police officers, it’s no longer a peaceful protest.”
The action marks the start of a planned four-day long ‘Blockupy’ demonstration in the city by activists angry at the way the financial crisis is affecting ordinary people.
Frankfurt police have drafted in reinforcements from other German states to cope with the protests.
Some 5,000 police are ready to be deployed.
There has been a legal scrap between the protesters and authorities over whether the demonstrations should be allowed to go ahead.
Only Saturday has been approved as a protest day.
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