VIDEO REPORT: Gary Locke Sworn in as US Ambassador to China


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On Monday, former Commerce Secretary Gary Locke was sworn in as the new US Ambassador to China.

Locke is the first Chinese American to represent the United States in the communist country.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton officiated the ceremony at a State Department in Washington, DC.

Clinton says Locke is the right person for the post as Sino-US relations are becoming more complicated.

[Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State]:
“We are two complex, large nations with different histories and different political systems, but we know the importance of getting to know one another better, working together, solving problems together and that is what we have been committed to doing.”

Locke was former governor of Washington State, which has strong trade ties with the Chinese regime because of Boeing and Microsoft companies.

[Gary Locke, US Ambassador to China]:
“It’s been my good fortune over the past decade to have had the opportunity to visit and meet with many Chinese government officials and private sector executives in support of greater commercial cooperation and market access to U.S. goods and services.”

Locke is looking forward to his new role.

[Gary Locke, US Ambassador to China]:
“I look forward to continuing this dialogue, creating win-win scenarios for both of our countries, because American businesses and workers can help China meet its goals of modernization as well as improving the quality of life for the Chinese people, all at the same time creating jobs here at home for workers of America.”

Locke will manage the routine tasks of an envoy for the world’s two biggest economies. This will include restoring strained US-Sino trade ties and easing tensions over the value of the yuan, Taiwan, human rights, Tibetan and other minority issues.

Locke is President Obama’s choice for the post vacated by Jon Huntsman, who is running as the Republican presidential candidate.


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