VIDEO REPORT: Fake Ikea Discovered In China



In July, Kunming City in Southwest China gained worldwide attention for having not one, but three knock off Apple Stores–stores that looked identical to the real thing down to the tinniest detail. Now, Ikea may be the latest victim.

This ten-thousand square meter, four-story, yellow and blue building looks in every way like a typical Ikea. The Swedish furniture giant has nine stores in China, but this is not one of them. It’s called 11 Furniture, and it’s a complete fake.

[Paul French, Founder Access Asia]
“It’s nothing new, its been going on for 25 years. Just about every foreign brand that has ever come here, has been faked, or what we are seeing with the Apple and the Ikea store is that they are ‘lookie-likies,’ they are not actually fakes. The guy who is selling Apples out of what looks like an Apple store, they are actually Apple computers, they are not fake computers, it’s a little bit different to fakes.”

Chinese consumers seem to have an insatiable appetite for western goods, an appetite that shows no signs of being satisfied. - shorten links and earn money!




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