VIDEO REPORT: Colombian Police Seize Drug Submarine


Colombian police presented on Saturday a submarine equipped with a highly sophisticated navigation system with the capacity to transport up to seven tons of cocaine.
According to the police, the submersible belongs to FARC’s 29 Front and could reach speeds of over 20 miles per hour.
[General Luis Alberto Perez, Anti-Narcotics Police Director]:
“It was going to be used by the narco-terrorist 29th front of the FARC in alliance with organizations of drug traffickers that operate in this southern area of the country.”
Authorities also said the vessel could run long trips between Colombia and points in Central America.
The blue submarine has been valued at $1.8 million and could hold a crew of five.
Authorities seized the vessel during an operation in a rural area of Buenaventura, some 400 kilometres west of Bogota.
Apparently it was about to be used to deliver its first load.
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