VIDEO REPORT: Children Clean Weapons for Libyan Rebels



A group of children in the Libyan rebel stronghold of Misrata clean assault rifles for older fighters on the front line.

Talking about the guns, one 11-year old tells Reuters they are helping with the war effort.

[Rajjab Ismael, 11-Year-Old Boy]:
“We make it safe first, then we clean it and then we send it to a revolutionary. May God help them win.”

His 10-year-old companion explains how they must remove the dust from the weapons.

[Raed Hussin, 10-Year-Old Boy]:
“We are cleaning them and then giving them to the revolutionaries – with no dust inside–to help them win the war.”

The children are assisting a rebel force that in places lacks a clear command structure and relies heavily on civilian volunteers.

The rebels still hold sway in the Western Mountains south of Tripoli, around the western city of Misrata, and in the east of the country.

But western states are frustrated that the NATO-supported campaign has failed to unseat Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Western and Arab powers will begin talks in Turkey on Friday aimed at finding a political solution to the crisis.


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