VIDEO REPORT: Actress Says Forced to Spy for Chinese Regime


Breaking News - shorten links and earn money! Chinese actress Shao Xiaoshan is causing a stir online after claiming she’s been forced to spy for the Chinese regime. On Sunday, Shao posted in social media sites that she has, quote “been monitored (by the regime) since she was 17.” She claims the regime has been making her obtain intelligence through dating children of western diplomats in China.

The claims appeared on Shao’s Sina Weibo and Tincent Weibo—two popular sites similar to Twitter. The messages on Sina have since been deleted, but not before her followers reposted it more than one thousand times.

In one message Shao claims she was asked to “control” the son of the French Ambassador when they dated in 2007. Shao says the Chinese regime does not pay her for her alleged spy work, and that she’d be killed if she doesn’t follow orders.

Shao, 31, says she’s making these claims public ahead of possibility of being killed by the Chinese regime. She’s also appealing to western governments to take her in.

Netizens’ responses to Shao’s claims have been mixed. Some think they’re part of a publicity stunt, while others have expressed sympathy for her. Shao’s agent confirmed with NTD that she did in fact post these messages, but will not comment on them for now.

Shao is no stranger to controversy. She shot to fame in 2006 after insisting that she appear in the cast list as the body double for Chinese star Zhang Ziyi in the film The Banquet. Body doubles are usually not credited in that way. In early July, she advertised for a “foreign husband” on her microblog. According to her posts on Sunday, it’s because her personal safety is threatened in China.


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