Video: Rense interviews remote viewing and psychic warfare expert Tim Rifat about the bizarre destruction of his apartment by UK authorities

Apparently the UK stormtroopers paid special attention to ripping apart a metal-shielded room Tim had constructed to protect him from microwave attacks by the UK secret services. Why would they attack him?


Description from YouTube:

Links to incident related articles, Tim Rifat´s books on Amazon and one of his appearances on BBC channel 4:

Pictures from Tim Rifats apartment

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The Argus:

Daily Star:

Note that this is the same images from the Argus article above, and early Saturday morning, 7.20am. But in this article they say they visit a tube bombers flat which is false. I know the person who took the photos and Mr Rifat himself, so I know.

More about Tim Rifat on BBC and his books on Amazon:
Tim Rifat´s remote viewing books on Amazon

Tim Rifat´s appearance on BBC channel 4:

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