VIDEO: Judge Jeanine’s Incredible Allegations About Barack Obama & Illegal Immigration

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro is tough as nails, with a brain to match. Time and again (see here and here) she has explained to everyone in plain English just how radical, incompetent, and unqualified Barack Obama is to be President of the United States.

But this time, it is a different discussion. Judge Jeanine takes us through the history of the Democratic Party supporting illegal immigration, and explains why the current crisis has been manufactured, while the White House has been covering it up for years:

The White House was involved two years ago in efforts to care for these kids when they negotiated the temporary shelter at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. So why, you say, would the Obama administration not prepare and plan and warn us two years ago? Why?

This is a key point missing from the immigration debate which we can not afford to ignore. Obama is using this crisis to expand Amnesty, in an effort to change this country’s demographics to help the Democratic Party. He doesn’t care if America’s welfare state is overburdened or if crime rates are on the rise in border states. This is pure politics in its raw form.

The Judge added:

“If the president were to tell us this surge was coming, indeed already started, it would be far more difficult to pass comprehensive immigration reform, wouldn’t it?”

Sounds like a reasonable assumption! The White House has every reason to hide what’s really going on at the border, and played a big part in why immigration stayed out of the headlines until the past few months. But thanks to Judge Pirro and conservatives in social media, President Obama will be exposed.

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