(Video) Facial Recognition Scanners Being Installed at Temple Mount in Israel, “World’s Most Holy Place”

Masked Palestinian protesters during clashes on the Temple Mount.

Masked Palestinian protesters during clashes on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City. Photo by Reuters

Visitors to the Temple Mount will soon be scanned by a facial-recognition surveillance system that can pick out faces from a crowd, Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch announced yesterday.

Speaking after several weeks of unrest in the capital, including riots, terror attacks and an assassination attempt, Aharonovitch, the minister responsible for the Israel Police, said a metal detector would also be placed at the site.

Aharonovitch told Channel 1 News that metal detectors were removed from the Temple Mount in 2000, “and I intend to return them in order to inspect people and their personal belongings, as well as installing cameras for facial recognition.”

“We’ll use them when necessary,” he said. “Any suspect will be inspected. For crowds we’ll use cameras — we’ll increase the supervision of people entering the compound, both Jews and Muslims.”



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