VIDEO: Congresswoman Agrees With Obama, Americans are Stupid


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Publisher’s Note: Are we so PC, so “afraid” to speak out, that we give our rights and our freedoms away to liars and scoundrels and bombastic illiterate tools? We give our liberty and money freely to Individuals who are not worthy or even moderately intelligent? They have no grasp or understanding or even a reasonable grip on logic. Push Back Now America, dump Obama and these liars like Schakowsky -PBN

You Don’t Get It: Congresswoman Agrees With Obama, Americans
Too Stupid to Understand Complicated Debt Ceiling Debate & Social Security Threat
While She Can’t Seem to Explain It.

This congresswoman is talking from both sides of her mouth, she says there is money for Social Security checks
then she says unless the debt ceiling is raised there might not be enough money to pay those checks..
and they want us to believe we are the stupid ones…




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