VIDEO: August 12 2013 World War 3.. not if but when Last days end times news prophecy update

August 12 2013 Breaking News World War 3 not if but when Last days end times news prophecy update 8-12-13

The Human race as we know it is at the end stages leading up to the soon world war 3 bible prophecy the Nuclear exchange will be devastating to mankind as we know it. Not much is talked about on a day to day basis as if there is no threat seems mankind is in denial of the nuclear threat. The reality is our world is in chaos and all it takes is a command and push of a finger and a nuclear exchange has begun that cant be stopped…..USA, Israel, Iran at doorstep….China, Russia, Korea, India…and other nations….have the potential to start world war 3….the threat is real……everything is in place for this final hour…the question is not if rather when….today? Tomorrow? ???? are you ready/prepared for eternity….or to live through a nuclear exchange if you survive? Do you want to go to heaven?

Are you a born again Christian? if so awesome….you are ready for eternity… a closer relationship with Jesus who is God and saviour in these last days…read the truth the bible – B=Basic I=instructions B=before L=leaving E=Earth – Be a prayer warrior daily – be in fellowship with other born again believers – Seek to be used as a witness of the soon return of Jesus and allow Jesus to use to to make disciples in these last days..

if you are NOT a born again christian..the truth the christian bible John 3 Jesus makes it clear unless your born again you go to hell for eternity…do you want to go to heaven? Right now become born again you do not know when you will breath your last – ask Jesus who is God and savior to forgive you of anything you have done wrong to this very moment and invite Jesus to come into your life as your God and savior a personal relationship with your creator…AMEN
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