VIDEO AND IMAGES: UFOs recorded in Mississippi, Leicestershire, and Philly

“splendid blinding light” shone through her window. She hurried outside to film it, depicting it as a triangl and “at any rate the measure of a football field”. It purportedly floated noiselessly for around twenty minutes more before shooting straight up into the sky.

Here’s the video Ashton shot:

At that time, a witness reports to MUFON that he was driving northeast of Philadelphia just after 7:30 p.m., when he “Recognized lights whirling around and needed to take a second look on the ground, that there were wires on both sides of the road and specifically above for electric poles … I thought it was impressions or something to that affect at the outset.” Upon pulling over to investigate, he took the pictures at the top of this article, and beneath, and also feature (terrible quality, he says).

Early a month ago, on February third, in Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, a lady awoke at around 4:50 am to odd sounds. Not discovering anything out of sorts  in the house, she recognized two lights outside her window, which had all the earmarks of a flying object. The lights, which she caught , obviously were moving from side to side, consolidating together and falling apart, before shooting off at a high velocity.
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