Vancouver School Board Plans New Pro – Homosexuality Program: How parents can work to stop this.

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The Proliferation of Local School-District Policies Mandating Pro-
Homosexuality Programs

Our regular readers will be familiar with the Corren Agreement and the special place it gave to pro-homosexuality input into British Columbia public education. However, we now need to take note of a relatively new development: the increase in the number of local school-district policies that give local expression to the thinking behind the Corren Agreement.

A headline in the April 10th, 2014, homosexual paper, the Daily Xtra (slogan: “Everything Gay Every Day”) reads “Less than half of BC’s school districts have homophobia policies.” That translates to “Almost half of BC’s schools have homophobia policies,” which means, as the context of the article makes clear, policies that go beyond anti-bullying to making provision for the special protection of those identifying as homosexual. We have seen time and again that that means introducing curriculum or learning resources giving special recognition to homosexuality.

Vancouver School Board Plans New Pro-Homosexuality Program:
How parents can help those working to stop this In the online edition of the homosexual DailyXtra, Vancouver School District is singled out for

Having studied all the anti-homophobia policies in the province, the vice-president
of the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) points to Vancouver’s as the strongest.
“Ten years ago, the VSB [Vancouver School Board] adopted a policy that hit all the right notes,” Glen Hansman says. “It wasn’t just about students, but the whole school community. There was a commitment to resources, supporting peoples’ choices to come out, and an action plan attached to it that was implemented immediately.”

“Money was budgeted to support the implementation — and there still is,” he continues.

“They train people — key people — to buy and purchase resources for school libraries. They make sure teachers in schools have at their disposal lesson-plan ideas and created a position at district level so there is a go-to person.”
The policy mandates that gay content be included in the curriculum and that staff receive ongoing anti-homophobia education. All elementary and secondary school libraries include LGBT books, students receive LGBT-specific sexual education, there are LGBT safe contacts in every school, and there is a GSA in every high school.

Already perhaps the most pro-homosexuality school board in B.C., Vancouver is planning to entrench its policies in ” Revised Policy and Regulations: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities (ACB and ACB R-1) dated April 10, 2014. (See the text of the draft policy and regulations on our website at .)

The board’s intent,
we are informed, is to bring the Revised Policy and Regulations through the May 14, 2014 Committee III meeting, with a recommendation for approval at the Board Meeting on May 20, 2014. A group of concerned citizens in Vancouver known as Vancouver School Board Watch are concerned about this development and are interested in making their concerns known.

Those interested in supporting Vancouver School Board Watch and obtaining further information from them should e-mail them at Parents and others who are concerned can help by writing letters and attending the meetings mentioned above. See the article on our website at .

Vancouver residents plan means to oppose proposed new policy.


Sample Letter

[Vancouver residents who are concerned about the proposed policy need to express their views to the Vancouver School Board.  The following letter is not produced by BCPTL, but is a version of a suggested sample letter sent to us.  It is best to send a letter voicing your own thoughts, but you may wish to use the sample letter as a basis of what you write.]

Dear Vancouver School Board Trustees:

Re: Draft Revised Policy and Regulations: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities(ACB andACBR–‐1)

I am writing in regarding the above-mentioned policy.  As a parent, I am surprised that I was notmade aware of the draft of the Policy until very recently.  I have never received any notice frommy child’s school nor heard about any consultation that parents could be involved in.

None of the parents from other schools in theVancouver School District that I have spoken towere informed about the draft policy either.  As primary caregiver, I am gravely concerned aboutthis policy, which may deeply affect the well‐being of my child and all children,includingtrans‐genderedchildren.  Parents and health-care professionals, particularly medical doctors andpsychiatrists, need time to consider the policy and give input on whether this is the best policy toaddress the concerns of transgendered children and their families, and of all the children andfamilies in the Vancouver School District.  Any policy imposed must be clearly andunequivocally in the best interests of all children in the Vancouver School District.

I therefore urge you to postpone the vote on the Policy until after necessary and properconsultation has taken place with medical and health-care professionals, teachers, parents, andstudents.  Should you decide to proceed with the vote on May 20, 2014,I urge you to vote againstthe Policy and appoint a new committee to embark upon a proper consultation process.
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