Vaccine billboards go viral as vaccination truth becomes wildly popular


Vaccine billboards go viral as vaccination truth becomes wildly popular

(NaturalNews) One man’s journey to spread the truth about vaccines has resulted in a wave of criminal vandalism. Struck by his own daughter’s 36-year battle with vaccine injuries, which ultimately resulted in her death, Jim O’Kelly, 74, decided to purchase billboard space throughout northwestern Indiana to warn other parents so they don’t succumb to the same devastating fate — except that pro-vaccine fanatics have taken to destroying O’Kelly’s labor of love.

At least one of O’Kelly’s seven billboards was reportedly tagged with the words “Got Polio?” in black spray paint, an apparent reference to the misguided belief that vaccines somehow eradicated polio. This popular claim has been thoroughly debunked, but the dulled consciousness of the mainstream media-fed dolts who committed this crime clearly doesn’t allow for rational, critical thinking on the matter, thus their reactionary, ignorant response.


Not even phased by the act, O’Kelly remains committed to the cause, having openly emblazoned his phone number on the giant billboards. If even just one parent reconsiders vaccination for his or her child as a result of the large signs, then the campaign will be a success, in O’Kelly’s view. The ultimate purpose of the billboards, he says, is to prompt government officials to withdraw approval for all vaccines pending solid evidence that they work as claimed.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
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