USDA Seizes Woman’s Lemon Tree



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Source: Personal Liberty

A Wisconsin woman says she’s more than a little sour now that the U.S. government has forced her to turn over her lemon tree on the grounds that it could spread disease.

Bridget Donovan bought the tree online for $70 nearly three years ago and planted it in the yard of her Waukesha home, where she and her niece nurtured it, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

It grew and yielded lemons and seemed to be healthy.

Then she got a letter from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“Unfortunately, Meyer Lemon Tree (the seller) shipped your tree in violation of multiple quarantine laws enacted to prevent the spread of harmful plant diseases and pests,” the letter stated.

The Journal Sentinel said the tree had come from Florida, under quarantine at the time of the purchase because of diseases, and the government tracked where nursery stock had been shipped.

Hayden’s Note:

And you think your gold purchases aren’t tracked, noted and analysed?  You think your Amazon and eBay purchases aren’t carefully monitored for suspicious patterns and items?

Last week, the Journal Sentinel said, she uprooted the tree, with five unripened lemons, and put it in a trash bag, as instructed.

A USDA officer met her at the school where she works to pick up the tree.

Alyn Kiel, a spokeswoman for USDA, said about 1,000 citrus plant owners have been affected by the seizures.

Meanwhile, Meyer Lemon Tree, which lists a Georgia address, apologized and offered Donovan a free replacement tree.

“I just hope the USDA is correct in that these (replacement trees) are now compliant, and I don’t have them show up again in three years,” Donovan said. “I’ll be on a citrus watch list.”

Hayden’s Note II:

While I understand the need to contain potential diseases and safeguard our plant life, after 3 years, I believe any chance of harm would have been well passed.  They could have fined the shipper or supplier or something along those lines after such a long period, but had I been in her place, I would have informed the USDA that they needed to come out to my house and uproot it themselves, at their own expense.  This lady was a pushover.

And no bitter lemon jokes.  I’m not anti-government for the sake of being anti-government.  I simply hate the USDA and their FDA buddies and believe that they are some of the biggest jokes in all of Alphabet Agency-land. - shorten links and earn money!


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