US to make large arms sales this year

The United States has says it intends selling $46.1 worth of arms and military equipment in 2011.

The United States has said it intends selling $46.1 billion worth of arms and military equipment in 2011.

The figure is nearly a twofold increase from the 2010 figures.

165 countries have contracted to but the equipment according to Defense Security Cooperation Agency Director Vice Admiral William Landay.

On the weekend he told reporters that the
US had delivered $96 billion worth of equipment and services to partner countries between 2005 to 2010.

Landay said the hike in US exports was due in part to the war in Afghanistan.

While the US invaded Afghanistan in 2001 with the objective of curbing militancy, the whole region has become unstable.

On Sunday The Washington Post reported a $112 million increase in US military sales to Bahrain between 2009 and 2010.

Countries involved in the NATO-led air campaign on Libya, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Norway and the United Kingdom, have also called for more weapons and ammunition.
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