US television networks broadcasting pharmaceutical promotions disguised as “news”

This might not come as a surprise to most of us, that the majority of our news broadcasting networks have been compromised, but we all have reasons to find evidence of this being the case.

I’ve learned that pharmaceutical companies have sponsored or even upgrading entire broadcasting studios in exchange for propaganda that promotes products.

Here is a link that dives into the evidence found…

This article goes on to explain…

VNR=Video News Reports

The Center for Media and Democracy, a public interest group based in Madison, Wisconsin, that exposes “public relations spin and propaganda,” issued a report that tracked the use of 36 video news releases (VNRs) aired by news outlets over the past 10 month. ( VNRs are designed to look like independently produced news but they are actually prepackaged promotions containing film footage created by corporate publicists or their public relations firms.

A favourite pitch used by drug companies is to announce Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of a new drug. The VNRs, provided free to newsrooms, serve as a financial gift to news outlets since the station doesn’t have to pay to produce the “news” segment.
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