US Lawmaker Calls China’s Corporate Cyber Spying “Intolerable”

The economic interests of the United States are in jeopardy, according to the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. At a congressional hearing on Tuesday, Representative Mike Rogers accused the Chinese regime of launching an ever-escalating cyber assault on commercial US interests.

[Rep. Mike Rogers, Chairman, House Intelligence Committee]:
“China’s economic espionage has reached an intolerable level and I believe the United States and our allies in Europe and Asia have an obligation to confront Beijing and demand they put a stop to this piracy.”

The Chinese regime has always stated that such accusations are groundless. But Rogers says it’s a known secret that the regime is behind the attacks.

[Rep. Mike Rogers, Chairman, House Intelligence Committee]:
“Talk to any private sector analyst and they will tell you that there is little doubt that this massive campaign is being conducted by the Chinese government.”

Rogers goes on to say that many companies hit by cyber attacks fear further retaliation if they go to the press.

After a tough business relationship with the Chinese regime, Google claimed it had been the target of China-based hackers. The hackers tried to gain access to Google’s software, as well as the email accounts of Chinese human rights activists.


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