US Importers from China Sell Dangerous and Counterfeit Toys

US authorities on Wednesday charged five individuals and their companies for importing hazardous and counterfeit toys from China.

They sold the toys wholesale, and from a storefront in New York City.
“When you shop for consumer goods CBP imports specialists to make sure the products you buy are not counterfeit or unsafe.”
But with all the shipments that come into the US, it is hard to ensure the safety of each product.
US officials began seizing shipments from the defendants as early as July, 2005. In all- 33 separate seizures were made, totaling more than $10 million, according to ABC News.
The defendants are accused of forming a new company to continue importing the toys when the previous one accumulated too many seizures.
Some of the toys seized include SpongeBob SquarePants, Power Rangers and Winnie the Pooh.
The toys either contained dangerous levels of lead, or were cheap knockoffs that could easily break, creating a choking hazard.
On top of hazardous and counterfeit toy charges, the defendants are also accused of smuggling and money laundering.
Two of the accused are naturalized citizens from China and the other three are Chinese residents living in Queens, New York.
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