Retired CIA agent Robert David Steele “US govt. no longer represents people”



Retired CIA agent Robert David Steele
A former officer at the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) says the US government is no longer a true representative of its people.

Robert D. Steele is calling for the firing of the US government and the electoral reform system in the country, saying America needs to get back into the business of managing itself.

He says US generals are too eager to keep their stars but not really willing to think for themselves and uphold the constitution.

The former intelligence officer of twenty years says the US military industrial complex profits from secrecy and war, and not from efficiency and peace.

The acknowledged expert on computer and information vulnerabilities also criticizes the educational system in the United States for killing creativity in children at a very young age.

The current educational system, he says, forces people to turn to blogging or hacking in order to become creative.

Steele says the solution is for citizen investigative journalism to go deep and go back and go current, urging people to understand they cannot get away with such things.

What America needs now for the popular political will is to exercise its God given right of being in charge, he said.

Steele has self-published a number of books including “On Intelligence: Spies and Secrecy in an Open World,” “The New Craft of Intelligence: Personal, Public, & Political,” “Peacekeeping Intelligence: Emerging Concepts for the Future,” “Contributing editor with Ben de Jong and Wies Platje,” “Information Operations: All Information, All Languages, All the Time,” and “The Smart Nation Act: Public Intelligence in the Public Interest.”

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