Urgent – Food Stamps To End Unless willing to take Microchip implant


People would have to declare war against their government through peaceful mean by saying it is our lives and we would live our old ways to achieve the goal not to have one inserted in their body. One could grove it own food, live without education and their kids would be without education. Well that is if the elites allowed this population to live such free life we have it now. All who would except the mark of the beast and they would be part of the system.

The elites would rule everyone and turn the chip off as they want when they wants. There were camps for Jews where they had to take them there and it was exposed because few managed to run away by escaping from the camps but this time Nazi’s rulers make sure people get there with their own will so once the chip is turned off, he/she would have to go by themselves and no one would know how many went that day and where they went is secret forever no one would no family after family would disappear  Those who would ask, they too would gone forever. This way population reduction is for sure.

In future what food would grove, life would depend on this basic so those who are poor, homeless, uneducated, sick and disabled, would have to leave to the camps and there will be no medical for them. It is already is the case in third world like India where over 400 millions are living on the street, with no food, home, education and they earn daily wage that is if they get jobs, if no job die hungry no help except bagging on the street again if people gives? There are too many of them on the street so when there is no money, how come this class would survive and who would feed them? Yes secretly they would be taken out, there would be camps working for food until they die take it or leave it decision is yours.

In China it is already happening where prison for those who are on the street, one child policy and if second child found, kill him/her in the bucket of water problem solved. it is happening in third world already so now government going to take the job of God and Devil they would play both.

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