URGENT: Biden Expected to Sign Tyrannical WHO Pandemic Treaty (This Will Overrule the Constitution & All Elected Officials)

According to Dr. Francis Boyle expert on International Law, the WHO and the Biden Administration will shove this tyrannical Treaty down our throats in December via Executive Order. It puts all power over Pandemic Health Decisions – Vaccine mandates, health treatments, lockdowns, things like mask mandates, vaccine passports, etc. – in the hands of the corrupt and criminal WHO who will undoubtedly declare new and endless fake and fraudulent pandemics to bring in the New World Order.

The US government (Federal, State or Local) will have little or no say anymore in the Health policy as it relates to the new (fake) Pandemics. Clearly this will be expanded to many more things health related over time like Codex Alimentus to kill supplements, for example. We are about to enter a global medical dictatorship, a terrible medical tyranny.

This is the final step needed before the PTB can forcibly implement the vaccine passports leading to digital ID and then CBDC along with all the rest of the One World Government and Great Reset dictatorship nonsense. This WHO treaty must be opposed at all costs.

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