Unprecedented – four commercial airliners lost/annihilated in 2014. MH370, MH17, AH5017, QZ8501

Complete loss/annihilation of commercial airliners with hundredths of people on-board never happen at cruising attitude – yet it happened four times in 2014.

MH370 is unprecedented….yet three similar incidents has happened in the wake hereof.

A plane cruises at 30.000+ feet and in an instant it is “taken out”. No transponder, no autopilot, no radio communication, no distress calls, no beacon signals, no cell phone communication, no radar signature. A total, complete all-encompassing shut down of everything.

MH370, MH17, AH5017 and QZ8501 where all lost to the world in the blink of an eye, at cruising attitude, well into a problem-less flight, with numerous other aircraft in close vicinity. An “everything-normal” situation turning into complete annihilation within a breath.

Since Lockerbie in 1988, there are no records of plane-crashes from cruising attitude, all fatal crashes involving commercial airliners has happened close to start and landing or as a result of high-jacking/bombing/shoot-down by military.
In all cases the crash was obvious and transparent and almost simultaneously explained.
In all cases there were no doubt that a crash had happened and the public was informed, the case documented and examined by proper authorities.
In almost all cases there where distress calls, beacons working, transponders working, debris, wreckage etc.
In no instance before 2014 did we see a total “take-out”/”complete shut-down” scenario….so all four incidents each becomes unprecedented.

The probability of no causal relation between the incidents of 2014 is minuscule but reversely proportional to the evidence pointing to a quantum mechanical scalar electromagnetic phenomenon.

Please see this analysis by Dr. Kissner and note his remark in terms of probability and causality that:

“These considerations suggest that, in fact, in the cases of MH 370 and MH 17 we might not be dealing with a “fair coin.”

This is very true – and what Dr. Kissner identifies here is the fractal nature of these events. They are not random, they are not tragic accidents and coincidences, but can be explained using scientific arguments that brings this into a greater context and deeper understanding.

As to fractality – self-similarity and repetition in numbers is key – and 7 and 17 are showing exactly these fractal properties.

MH17 crashes 7/17 app. 17 local time
MH17 was precisely 17 years in service – to the date
MH370 had been gone in 17×7,7 days until 17/7 (equals 4 month 9 days, 7×7 is 49)
MH370 took of on the 7th
MH370 and MH17 are aricraft type 777
17 is the 7th prime-number and a Phytagorian prime and so forth.

The above are just the most clear-cut examples on the math and number fractality in the case of MH370 and MH17.

7 and 17 holds very significant esoteric values and many scholars through time has dealt with these numbers and their mathematical properties.

The above is scientific fact and can be explained in the same manner. This is NOT supernatural or “strange” – but deeply rooted in science, logic, math and intelligence.

If this is not interpreted on a scientific basis and thus gives us a tool to deal with the situation – decision makers all over the world will make uniformed and wrong decisions.

The fractal pattern keeps repeating – and one must insist that this is addressed now or we will see further incidents of growing magnitude in a more and more narrow timeline.


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