Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania planning to create joint military brigade

Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania are planning to create a joint military unit. It will be called UkrPolLitBrig, the press service of Petr Poroshenko reports.

The idea of creating a joint Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian division was first raised at the end of May by the former head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Andrey Deshchytsia, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta. However, back then, the matter concerned a battalion, not a brigade.

The idea of creating a joint unit is not especially promoted in Lithuania. But these plans have already been approved by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. It is assumed that UkrPolLitBrig will be engaged in guarding the borders of the participating countries.

Signing of a document on forming the brigade was scheduled for June 18. But so far, the agreement has no signatures of the Lithuanians and Poles, but in Ukrainian official documents the battalion has already turned into a joint brigade.

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