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Lawyers for Liberty UK A very useful source of information about exemptions from jabs and a genuinely helpful process for declaring your exemption.

Although the UK Government only recommends face masks and testing in schools, many headteachers have opted to make these mandatory.

Founder of Lawyers for Liberty Jo Rogers discusses mandatory masks and testing in schools.

Are you concerned about your child?

If your child’s school has a mandatory mask and/or testing policy and you are concerned, you can request a letter to be sent to your child’s school from Lawyers for Liberty, completely free of charge and also completely anonymously on your part.

This letter will register a complaint about the school’s mask and/or testing policy, and will also inform the school’s Head of the potential risks and legal liabilities of their regime. The letter will be sent from Lawyers for Liberty anonymously – please be assured that it will not mention you or your child by name.

The purpose of the letter is to educate the schools of the potential risks and legal liability. Unfortunately we cannot respond to correspondence that we receive from the schools as we are a campaign group. However we hope that our actions can make the schools consider their actions and also empower parents to take the further action that may be required.


The school has replied – what do I do now?
Lawyers for Liberty is not a law firm and so is not authorised to provide you with legal advice, but we have drafted a template follow-up letter/email which parents/guardians can edit and send to the headteacher.

To accompany this letter there is a pdf. The pdf is an extract from an open letter to Government Ministers from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance, regarding children and mask-wearing. Please attach this to your email when you send the follow-up letter.
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