UFO Researcher Says Aliens Giving a Message on Nukes, “We Are Playing With Fire”

Grant Lawrence–Bodhi Thunder


Researcher Robert Hastings has written a book,“UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites,”in which he cites his own experience working at a nuclear missile silo and the experiences of others encountering UFOs at these sites.

Hastings has come to believe, along with many others in the military, that UFO beings are warning humanity of a nuclear catastrophe.


…Based on that interview and others like it, Hastings said he has come to believe the Earth has been under scrutiny since the nuclear arms race began in the 1940s.

Whether to save humans from themselves or to prevent interplanetary nuclear contamination, Hastings said something is periodically tampering with the world’s nuclear stockpiles to send a message to Washington and Moscow “that we are playing with fire.”

Government officials in both the west and the east know it is happening, but from their perspective, there is nothing to be gained from letting the public in on the secret, Hastings said.

He cites a former CIA official named Victor Marchetti, who maintains that governments are afraid of what such revelations might spark.

“His (Marchetti’s) view as a professional intelligence officer was that even if whoever is piloting these craft is not hostile … their mere presence here could create unpredictable changes in human society,” Hastings said.

“If suddenly you have this sophisticated, outside, non-human influence on the overall global situation … that can only create potential disruptions to the status quo,” he said….(in forum)

It is clear among UFO researchers that have a good grasp on the subject, that the UFOs have been monitoring human nuclear activities. In fact Stanton Friedman, considered a father of modern day Ufology, believes the Aliens were monitoring US nukes at Roswell when the craft crashed in New Mexico.

For several decades, contactees and abductees have warned that the Aliens believe that humanity is facing an eco-disaster.

However, you don’t have to be an Alien or a contactee or an abductee to see that this is the truth.

An overwhelming amount of evidence is continuing to pile up that the earth is in serious trouble. We continue to let our corporate and financial leadership follow the same path to eco-catastrophes.

What will it take to make a change?

Evidently the ETs don’t think we will be making those changes. So they watch as we slowly kill ourselves and the planet. Some would hope that they intervene. But for whatever reason, they warn and appear to do nothing.


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