UFO Flies Low Over Napa After Earthquake! Best UFO Footage Ever!


ufo napa
ufo napa


Incredible HD Footage of the NAPA UFO!



I don’t get too easily excited about UFO footage but this one is really something special as I’m sure you’ll agree!   I knew as soon as I saw this footage that I was looking at one of the most impressive videos of a UFO I have ever seen!   I’ve studied UFO’s for about 40 years since I was a little boy and this is the best footage I’ve seen!  Is it part of the secret space program or is it alien (fallen angel)?  I don’t know, but I absolutely believe this is real.  We have an eyewitness also that states he has more photos and witnesses!  The way the craft fades into the cloud would be very hard to fake.


It was funny also that when my friend brought it to my attention when I woke up today, he kept getting kicked off Facebook when I was asking him if I could write the story on it.  That never happened before.  After he finally was able to get back on I joked to him that this MUST be real with all the trouble we had communicating.


The man that took the footage is Alex Christinson who was visiting the area.  After the Earthquake they were hiking up a hill to see if they could see any damage from the Napa quake.  He said the object caught his eye immediately.  At first he thought it might be a balloon because it was hovering at first and they began taking pictures.  Then it began moving and rapidly changing orientation as it disappeared into the clouds so he knew it wasn’t a ballon or a drone.


Important Information About Aliens and our Secret Space Program


We know from the work of James Fetzer of VeteransToday and Joe Jordan (MUFON) that the aliens are the fallen angels as described in the Bible.  Jim Fetzer writes about this in his excellent series of articles on VeteransToday in the “Secret Space War” series.  Here’s the first article he wrote on this.

Secret Space War

and you may find the others here by going through his stories here.



Joe Jordan has over 600 cases now where alien abductions were stopped in the name of Jesus Christ.  I’ve included his amazing testimony below as well as the testimony of Ed Slade who discovered that we used Tesla technology to land our lunar lander on the moon in 69 and not the rocket he designed.  Ed worked with the aliens at Area 51 and he also claims they are the fallen angels.


Ed knew something wasn’t right with the moon landing in 1969.  When he discovered that there was no dust on the gold foiled lunar lander legs he knew that his rocket was not used to lower the lander to the moon’s surface because it would have blown dust everywhere!  When he talked to his bosses in NASA about it, he was basically told to shut up and take his award for the rocket he designed for the lunar lander!  Ed says he found out later that they used Tesla technology to gently lower the lunar lander instead of his rocket.


So we’ve had the ability to get around without rockets using Tesla technology or captured alien (fallen angel) technology for a long time.   This craft seen over Napa could be part of the secret space program of the shadow government of the United States. We’ll probably never know unfortunately.  If you’re tried of watching fake news on television learn the truth about almost everything at VeteransToday.com   This website is driving the fake news and bad guys crazy!

Joe Jordan proves Aliens are the Fallen Angels And Cannot Harm You If you Call on Jesus!


Ed Slade (Area 51 Scientist) talks about aliens, his career with NASA, and how we landed on the moon using Tesla technology and so much more!


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