UFO At Pope Francis’ First Appearance? – More Footage Surfaces, Aliens And The Vatican

Caught on TV news and broadcast around the globe this little glowing UFO was seen moving over the buildings of Vatican City. On this day a new pope was declared and perhaps this alien wanted to get a closer look. There’s no telling what they can hear or see with their advanced technology, let alone what they can see in the minds of the bishops and the pope himself by reading their minds, says UFO Sightings Daily author Scott C. Waring.

Possible static UFO seen over St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City. Recorded live by the BBC who where covering the announcement of the new Pope, Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina.

Stephen Hannard of the Alien Disclosure Group UK says, “Its not the moon, a helicopter or a blimp so whatever it is, its unidentified.”

Credit: Stephen Hannard

“Any thoughts would be appreciated.”  says Stephen Hannard of the Alien Disclosure Group UK

Credit: totallyinexplicable·

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