UEFA EURO 2012 Official China Promotion Shows London Destroyed!

UEFA EURO 2012™ – Official [Komunist] Promotion- from China TV


Comments on this wierd video:


“This film shows the incredible truth. The two historically linked countries, with a destroyed economy.Europe in a huge financial crisis in the background … the splendor of the euro, which distract from the important things.”

This might be Pre-Programming For WW3 / London 2012 Olympic Bomb


  What Is The BBC Telling Us?

Published on May 20, 2012 by

Weird BBC link to forthcoming programmes.
The repetitive ‘London’s Burning’ song is enough, but with alternating pictures of fire destruction and regeneration it makes me wonder what game old Aunty is playing ; is it just about London’s constant reinvention, or is it just mind programming for an upcoming event?

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