UBC Students For Freedom of Expression Interviews: Jenn Smith (Part 1) – VIDEO

Here it is, the debate that never happened. The University of British Columbia Student’s for Freedom of Expression allowed Jenn to respond point by point to Oger’s slanders against him. Jenn DESTROYS Oger’s non-sense. Part 1 of 2, link is here

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Super interview on transgender politics with someone who reminds me of by . Followed by an excellent interview with Ricardo Duchesne & Mark Hecht on free expression, academic freedom & its threats.


Today we interviewed Jenn Smith, a local Vancouver activist against SOGI 123 and Big Pharma. He came to talk about our interview with Morgane Oger and refute some of Oger’s points. The video came out a bit long, so we divided it in 2 parts. Part 2 is coming soon!

Fantastic! Very nice to see Morgane’s lies and gaslighting revealed so elegantly. It’s quite like an exposé!

Sadly it was unavoidable, but when speaking about mental health issues, truth, lies and distortion Jessica Yaniv was brought up. 

Looking forward to Part 2



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