U.N. now nothing more than communist overseers.

The contempt I feel when I watched this clip of the E.N. envoy had me chocking on bile.

I am among the poorest in Canada. But I do not think those who made different choices than I did, owe it to me to pay more so that I should have the benefits that those who made more money enjoy. As it is, Canada’s health care, medicine plans for the poor, programs for every imaginable thing such as busses that literally kneel down for the disabled on top of Para-transpo are exceptionally good.

However this isn’t the point. The point is that this UN envoy chose to focus on how much the wealthy have, as opposed to how much the poor have here in comparison to the poor everywhere else on earth. Only communists and other purveyors of fantasy ignore the reality of what people have and focus on the perceived unfairness of disparity of wealth. It doesn’t matter one bit if I have everything I want and for that matter, a lot more than I worked for, and the guy next to me has a half million dollar car. It only matters that I am being treated fairly based on what I contribute. If the disparity was 100:1 instead of 10:1 as the U.N. envoy claimed, but the lowest 10% enjoyed free health care, medicine, had access to food even if they blew all their state benefits on booze cigarettes and drugs, then they are doing exceptionally well. In fact too well as they would be the only people not being asked to pay for the consequences of their own choices and actions.

The U.N. has become nothing more than an advance scout for Islam and communism. The sooner Canada leaves it the better.


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