Two Trainloads of US Main Battle Tanks Videoed in Romania Headed Toward Russian Border!

On June 26, 2016, the video below was taken of two trains inside Romania, each carrying about 18 US M1A! Abrams, Main Battle Tanks, toward the Romanian border with Russia!

Two trainloads of U.S. M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks have been video recorded on-the-move inside Romania 4 days ago.  Given the fact that the Romanian rail system is electric rather than diesel, the trainloads are relatively small, only about 18 tanks per train.  But what is the US doing moving three dozen of its main battle tanks into Romania, right along the border with Russia?

Is the US girding for war?

What threat does Russia pose to Romania?  Have there been threats by Russia to invade Romania? No.

This is precisely the kind of acitivity that gives rise to Russian suspicion of NATO and the US.  Russia poses no threat to the Baltics or to states like Romania, yet the US and NATO are, quite literally, surrounding Russia with a ring of firepower as though a fight is being planned.     Russia sees these moves and wonders to itself “what the hell is NATO doing?” Their questions are righteous.

Just what _is_ NATO doing?  Why are we pre-positioning main battle tanks on the Russian Border?

Why are we in the West being so provocative?

In the meantime, the US mass-media keeps the citizens of America blissfully unaware of the activities its government is engaged-in.  If or when a war does break-out, the US public will be blind-sided, having no idea at all as to why, and no idea at all that our own government has been setting the stage for a fight for months.
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