TWO NEW BLOOD TYPES discovered in Japan, after Fukushima

Discovery in Japan could be linked to Fukushima accident

Scientists have discovered two new blood types in Japan, different than the four known blood types. Scientists believe that the two new types might be related to the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Reports about such variations have been common in Japan following the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in 2011. Britain’s Daily Mail had previously reported about odd fruit and vegetables there. Although no evidence found that this was caused by the nuclear accident, such reports had caused panic.



Medical scientists have found people in Japan two new blood groups in addition to the known I, II, III and IV. This was announced by the French Institute of blood transfusion.

New blood types called Langereis and Junior, to distinguish them from traditional classifications. According to scientists, this phenomenon is associated with the leakage of radioactive substances resulting from the nuclear accident in Fukushima.

According to doctors, is to be expected in the near future to see additional changes. What scientists are saying in the future there will be at least another 15 new blood groups.

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