Two men who fell in love and had sex change now getting married as lesbians

PAY-Sex-Change-Marriage Two men who fell in love are getting married as brides after both underwent a full sex change operation to become women. Parma Bertoli, 59, and partner Stephanie Nickles, 43, started a relationship when they were both men in 2004. Stephanie underwent a full sex change in 2006 after having the procedure funded by the NHS while Parma went under the knife to become a woman in 2008.

The couple, who live in Warndon, Worcester, had their birth certificates changed to reflect their new female identities. Next month the couple are preparing to don white dresses at their wedding. Tragically, they were forced to bring the big day forward after Parma was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour last October and was given less than 12 months to live. More
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