tumblr – Twitter: Are Pedophiles trying to align under the umbrella of protection / persecution that the LGBTQ community provides?

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In recent days, they are trying to normalize it and create an online community on Twitter and want to view themselves as a protected class.

SUMMARY: This is as a result of the mass exodus from tumblr where to be frank a great many of people used solely and extensively for years as a hub of P*rnorgraphy in all its “flavours” and variations.

From the video: “~these kiddy diddlers are very anti-diddling kids~”

Also please NOTE: “Also just a heads up, there is another community on youtube called the MAP (Multi Animator Part) community who are mainly made up of kids and teens who make animations. (Super nice community btw, go check out some of their stuff!) This community has been around for YEARS and now with these nasty pedos coming in and using our acronym, the young animators are being mistaken for pedos. So if you decide to go after someone with MAP in their bio, make sure it isn’t a young animator. Happy Hunting!”

“Because that’s what these pedos want. They want to use an established name to gain influence, and if they’re just allowed to take it, it will be harder for the real MAP to prove to the average user that the pedos don’t fit the reputation that name has. MAP needs to keep its name in order to keep these pedos from misinforming others.”

“Do not. Use. The term MAP. Always call them pedophiles. They do not deserve the rebrand, and using the term means allowing their rebranding to succeed. They are pedophiles. There are no synonyms we will accept.”

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