TSUNAMI Warning System Buoys Are Being Taken Down 1 by 1! What’s About To Happen?!

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Essentially on the NDBC (National Data Buoy Center, monitors ocean activity) several buoys have been taken offline completely. Recently. Two off the coast of Indonesia and one off the northeastern US in the Atlantic.

The Indonesia ones went down last April and the Atlantic one just a couple days ago. They registered enormous movement activity. Not a tsunami, but something drastic that created a large signature on their feeds. Immediately afterwards the buoys were taken down. One would think it’s an error, but they are still down to this day. And these are important buoys too, it’s highly irresponsible.

Effectively there are no active tsunami buoys in the entire Indian Ocean and around the South Pacific by New Zealand and Australia. If a wave happened we wouldn’t see it.

If you go here: https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/

Is the site for it. Under the Program Filter list click the checkbox for Tsunami to toggle for those specific ones. Yellow is active, red is dead.

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